Welcome to Park Hill Orchard!

The farm stand will be open from mid-July until the end of November. The self-guided Sculpture Trail is open during that season.

PYO APPLES start in mid-August.


We currently tend 86 varieties of perennial fruit in the form of raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, peaches, plums, cherries, pears and apples. Our apples are set up for Pick-Your-Own harvesting and we sell them at our farmstand here and at several farmer's markets. Join the Friends of Park Hill newsletter to stay updated on our offerings during the season. Home of the original CIDER SLUSHIE

If you have a question about something we grow, or would like us to grow something for you, please contact us.

Visit our Flickr Gallery to see what life is like here on the orchard. Here is a link to our Facebook page.

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Be a Local Hero!

It is estimated that the farmer uses about 20% of the energy used to produce the food in a grocery store. The other 80% is burned in the storage, transportation, processing, wastage and packaging by the distribution systems after the food leaves the farm http://enligneviagra.net/ci...

Eating our food is not only healthy, it saves massive amounts of energy.

Since food production takes a large amount of the power (and water) consumed in the States annually, eating local food, grown and sold at a local farm, can save more energy than any other action you can take.

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