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Statement of Principles

Principles of Operation

The purpose of this farm is to enhance the lives of the participants and our community. The goal is to improve the balance and health of the farm and soils and to grow healthy nutritious food while being financially self-sustaining. The vision is one of a commercially producing fruit farm in a park-like setting.

Quality of Life

Each day will be lived as a whole life experience. Each crop, product or activity will be fun and interesting. A balance will be made each day between computer work, household chores, farming, hobbies, sport, community work, love and plain enjoyment.


Safety and long term health is an overriding concern for all activities. A fair living wage will be paid.


We will lead, host, participate or lend our weight to many community endeavors.


We will not use synthetic fumigants or Organophosphate Pesticides. Further, we will base our program on reduced risk treatments, not using any restricted chemicals, unless compelling evidence mandates such in explicit cases. We will strive to improve the fertility and health of the land, water and soil each year.

The orchards and gardens

We will use cultivars, seeds and plants which are naturally bred and naturally suited to our environment. Our fruit and veggies will be grown for nutritional value, flavor, aroma, looks and yield.


The farm will be self sustaining. Profits will be saved in reserve or budgeted out to improve these stated principles.

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