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Pick Your Own

PYO BLUEBERRIES are over for 2017

24 hour PYO Hotline: 413-303-0335

Picking Conditions:
Real McIntosh, Cortland and Rubymac Apples are in play - hanging heavy on the trees. Excellent picking!  Thornless blackberries while they last.

2017 PYO Pricing:

  • Apples $20 per peck.  We allow up to 4 people into the orchard per peck bag.
  • Apples $35 per half bushel. A half bushel bag may be shared by up to six people.
  • Blueberries and blackberries $4.00 per pint.


  • Please wear shoes and clothing appropriate for walking around farm fields and trails.
  • One adult per two children - large groups call ahead.
  • Please no dogs in the PYO fruit areas.
  • No charge for parking.
  • Pre-picked fruit, cider slushies, pies, cider donuts, soups and fudge available in the farm stand.