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Pick Your Own

24 hour PYO Hotline: 413-303-0335

Current Picking Conditions

We have a good amount of tart cherries ripe. We'd like to offer them to solo pickers and couples. These trees are not super kid-friendly. But if you want to make some really good pies or jam then these are the cherries for you.  Only $5 per pound if you pick. Please use the CONTACT FORM to make an appointment.


2019 PYO Pricing:

  • Apples $20 per peck.  We allow up to 4 people into the orchard per peck bag.
  • $35 per half bushel - up to 6 people per half bushel.
  • Peaches by the pound (when available)


  • Please wear shoes and clothing appropriate for walking around farm fields and trails.
  • One adult per three children under 10 - large groups call ahead.
  • Please no dogs in the PYO fruit orchards.
  • Closed temporarily during steady rain or lightning.
  • No charge for parking.
  • Pre-picked fruit, cider slushies, pies, cider donuts, soups and fudge available in the farm stand.