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How We Grow Our Fruit

In a word, Carefully.

Quite a lot is known about growing healthy fruit and we avail ourselves with all the tools and data out there. In the old days farmers used "cover sprays" to keep down the various fungi and insects that prey on the fruit. Today we are able to let hundreds of species of insects roam freely in the canopy while dealing with a small handful of predators that cause us harm. In order to specifically deal with certain bugs we use several strong tools.

Situational Awareness - We know what insects to watch out for and when they are eating the fruit. We know exactly when to use the lightest spray to get to our target without effecting others. This orchard is simulated on computers in several locations around the world. Models of the tree physiology, fungal life, insect life and fruit maturation are run in real-time throughout each season. We can read what we will see in the orchards and then walk out and see just that.

Weather - We have a fancy weather station on site. And amazingly there are several "virtual weather stations" that keep track of the climate at our exact location.

Check it Out - Here is a complete set of weather and models for Park Hill Orchard:

And here is our page on Weather Underground

Chemistry - Use the least harsh tool that will do the job. We use modern chemistry - organic and synthetic crop protectants - that are very specific to their pest and leave a light footprint in the biosystem.

The bottom line is that the craft of apple growing has made leaps and bounds in the last couple of decades and we are growing much better fruit now than ever leaving little or no ecological footprint.