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School Groups

School groups and other groups are welcome to visit the sculpture trail any day. For school bus visits please write or phone ahead for parking.

Groups may also pick apples if there is enough supply. 

Fill a 1/4 peck bag in the orchard to bring home and one apple per person to eat in the orchard. $8 per person.  (For $2 an apple tasting and talk can be added on.)

Optionally for rain days, young children, or as a backup plan we offer an apple tasting and talk proceeded by each child filling a 1/4 peck bag at the farmstand with their favorite apples. $8 per person.

For very young children and budget strapped groups we can offer pick out an apple at the farmstand for $1 each. (There is a $30 minimum.) An apple tasting and talk can be added on for a $2 a child. Some groups opt for a cider slushie beverage for a group rate of $3.00 per person.

We require a 5:1 ratio for adult chaperones or teachers.

Please make an appointment for groups of ten or more. We attempt to meet each bus and welcome your group to Park Hill.


For older students in environmental studies, food systems, food justice or related courses we can provide quality time with the farmer for a tour with dialog in the field. Please contact us for pricing and scheduling.

We host groups of seniors, speed dating, dance groups, homeschoolers, corporate team building, staff creative meetings and other groups as self-guided visits for no cost.  Let us know if we can provide any support service or reserve the gazebo for your group.